blue whale-frank ocean

Thinking about those times and funny friends and that time and everything literally makes me feel like I am drowning

I can’t breathe I’m not there so many other things that are going to be coming during the school year that I can imagine like having stress for that and also having like not being able to understand My my mindset and just this summer has made me feel so alone and even being in a large group of friends who I know love me makes me feel alone and I feel like I can’t breathe and i haven’t breathed all summer and all these people and their so complex and intoxicated and complicated and I can’t handle all of it and that you never know when people are telling the truth or telling lies and that my life has been so beautiful and I can’t imagine it being like that again and just don’t want to do any of this and I can’t imagine myself doing any of this and the thought of it doesn’t even scare me and that doesnt even scare me. I just can’t imagine ever being that happy ever again. Like these past times. It’s so beautiful. But everyone is just so much and I can’t take all of it and watching my friends and like relying on them like to stay sane but realizing they aren’t leaves me feeling just gone and I don’t Know what’s real and being in the house doesn’t help with that either I don’t know what to do and it doesn’t help that I feel so far away from everything

I’m so scared everyone’s done with me

Going into school made me feel terrible and alone and I feel like people are getting tired of me and like I saw some Randos and like I literally.. I just felt like everyone was just like he whatever or like bothered by me and I can’t stop thinking about that and like mulling it over in my head

I’m reposting all of my old personal posts here just saying . So it’s like a bunch of posts made throughout months that are all being posted here within like the same minute